Smart Tanks

Fuel Storage and Monitoring solutions with smart capabilities to ensure you track every drop of fuel consumed

FuelBuddy’s smart tanks are technologically enhanced and automated storage tanks. FuelBuddy’s Smart Tank help saves costs by eliminating spillage and pilferages and at the same time reducing the capital expenditure and hassle required in setting up storage tanks. It is ideal for customers currently using drums for storage as drum storage can lead to adulteration, theft, no accountability and safety concerns of spillage.


Huge Savings

With every liter of fuel accounted for and tracked, you can save up to Rs 10,000 per month which is lost due to pilferage. Available in 500L, 1000L, and 2000L.

Business Continuity

With assured backup, keep your business insulated from power fluctuation

Better Safety

Sturdy materials and keypad lock helps keep the fuel secure. This helps to avoid pilferage or adulteration.

Efficient Reconciliation

Cut short your time required for reconciliation with digital records, making audit process hassle-free

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