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High Speed Diesel Delivery

FuelBuddy provides a simple and efficient way to order diesel

  • Simply click on Order Fuel on the app
  • Enter quantity
  • Schedule a time
  • Confirm your Order
  • Sit back and FuelBuddy will be at your location.
Smart Tank

FuelBuddy’s smart tanks are technologically enhanced and automated storage tanks. FuelBuddy’s Smart Tank help saves costs by eliminating spillage and pilferages and at the same time reducing the capital expenditure and hassle required in setting up storage tanks. It is ideal for customers currently using drums for storage as drum storage can lead to adulteration, theft, no accountability and safety concerns of spillage.

Diesel on Tap (DoT)

FuelBuddy’s DoT’s are technologically enhanced and automated storage tanks, fitted with a digital dispensing system for a safe and hassle-free dispensing. This helps clients save costs by eliminating spillage and pilferage. It also reduces the capital expenditure of setting up large storage tanks.

  • 24×7 on-site access
  • Available in capacities of 990 Litres and 2,000 litres
  • Portable and can be relocated easily on customer premises
  • Monitor your real-time diesel consumption on your sites through our dashboard and customized reports
  • Automatic re-ordering option
  • Fitted with SecureBuddy and TankBuddy
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