Importance of Fuel Technology

In order to reduce the dependency on import of petroleum, the petroleum scarce countries look forward to developing technologies which can optimize fuel consumption. Development of petroleum fuel optimization technologies is especially relevant in the current environment of national security-related concerns related to imported oil.


The global “Petroleum Fuel Optimization Technology” market is segmented firstly on the basis of the end-use such as motor vehicles, other transportation modes commercial/industrial/utility sector (furnaces and boilers), residential sector etc.

The market is also segmented based on the various geographical markets such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Rest of the World (ROW). Each segment needs to be analyzed with respect to its market trends, growth trends, and future prospects.

Whilst the automobile and manufacturing sector have adapted the latest technologies to optimize fuel consumption, the remaining sectors have a long way to go. Advanced technologies like automated dispensing, RFID monitored fuel deliveries etc are being used to ensure quality of fuel supplied to the machines and nullify redundancy in the process as much as possible.

At FuelBuddy, as the pioneers of the IoT enabled doorstep fuel delivery, we are implementing the latest and advanced technologies to make the fuel optimization in the fuel supply sector as efficient as possible.


– Nihanth Manyam


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