Home Delivery of Fuel In India


Ditch the long queue at the petrol pump, refuel at home.

“Once upon a time in a Petrol Pump far away…” No classic story ever started in this manner. However, one modern story did start this way, when 3 young men, whilst waiting in a long queue to get their car fueled at a petrol pump, struck upon an evolutionary idea. Can fuel be delivered to the doorstep of the end consumer? Thereby saving  him/her time and money waiting in lines or taking that extra u-turn to buy fuel. What they also saw was rickshaw carts, 2/3 wheelers, vans etc carrying drums to buy fuel for generators. This surely had to be a painful exercise and a monumental waste of man hours and money, apart from being unsafe, illegal and prone to adulteration and pilferage. There had to be a better way!!!  

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