Go green

Cut CO₂ emission

Every fill-up for fleet vehicles in one parking lot by FuelBuddy saves on an average of 30 Kms and 8 Kg of CO₂ emissions.

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We deliver to parking lots along efficient routes and save tens of thousands of empty trips to the fuel station every week by these fleet vehicles. We estimate if we were to deliver fuel to all these fleet vehicles in India in their parking lots, We would reduce 2.5 mln tons of CO₂ emissions every year.

Cut congestion

FuelBuddy saves average 3 hours of road time for each fleet vehicle in a week by filling up the vehicle in their parking lot.

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By filling fleet vehicles in their parking lot, FuelBuddy removes these vehicles from the road and helps reduce traffic congestion. Imagine all 40 school buses going to a fuel station to fill up vs one truck of FuelBuddy driving to their parking lot to fill up!

Lesser fuel transfers

FuelBuddy helps lower vapor emissions, fuel leakages, and reduces groundwater contamination.

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FuelBuddy’s tech-enabled supply chain is 80% more efficient than a traditional fuel station. Our direct approach allows us to use less fuel in transfer, lower chances of leakage, and skip the ground-polluting underground storage tank altogether.