Diminishing Petrol Pumps of India

Picture yourself as a landowner of a prime real estate spot in a metropolitan city of India. Your lease with an Oil Marketing Company is coming to an end, you have

done well by leasing your land to OMC’s over the years. But now there are many other options available to you. What was believed to be the safest and most commercially viable option may not be the case anymore.

Take the example of Mumbai. According to sources quoted in the Mumbai Mirror( April 9th 2020) 34 Petrol pumps have shut down in the last 5 years and only 2 new pumps have opened. Most of these fall in the region of South Mumbai which has one of the highest land prices in India.

Mumbai is estimated to have around 253 Petrol pumps of which 139 or 55% are located on land leased out by private landowners. These landowners are not inclined to renew their leases leaving commuters to travel a fair distance for refuelling purposes. State transport department statistics say Mumbai registers nearly 1,46,000 vehicles a year, but no new petrol pumps are coming up.

This leads very conveniently to what may have been an innovative idea but is fast turning into a necessity- doorstep delivery of fuel. At FuelBuddy we pride ourselves on providing the convenience of delivering fuel to you whilst you spend your time on more pressing matters. As we always say “What good ever came out of going to a Petrol pump”


– Divij Talwar


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