Convenience of Fuel Delivery

In today’s day and age of technology when everything from A to Z (literally Amazon’s logo) can be delivered to your home, to the convenience of your doorstep through the simple ease of sitting on your couch, pulling out your smart phone and pressing a few buttons, the question which dawned upon was – Why can’t we get fuel delivered to our doorstep, just like books?


The inefficiency of the mad rush at petrol pumps, the extra U-turn on your way back from a long tiring day at work to getting late for a movie because of that one stop at the pump, the convenience of doorstep delivery of fuel is multifold. If we had to do simple math to calculate the time saved over a year, we would probably end up with a few extra days with the convenience of actually saving time, effort and money. You can add an approximate of extra 38 days to your whole year, if you spend an average of 10 minutes every four days!


Over and above the convenience of doorstep delivery of fuel, the added advantage of availing this facility is a blessing in disguise to our Mother Earth. The reduction in the carbon emissions achieved by switching to fuel delivery is another added benefit. You can very well imagine the savings when one fuel delivery truck delivers to 5 businesses located close by as opposed to them individually procuring the fuel. (Check out


Introducing FuelBuddy – An app based on demand fuel delivery service provider. Download the APP from the Google Playstore / Apple Appstore to experience the luxury of doorstep delivery of fuel!


Daman Datta


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