FuelBuddy is not just about fuel, it is also about convenience.

With FuelBuddy, you can now order fuel at your doorstep through the app or the website. A simple, 4 click solution to get fuel delivered to right where you want it. FuelBuddy’s dashboard also offers real time data on vehicle tracking and a centralised admin for managerial purposes. Clients can even customise their reports and have them delivered in whichever way they want!

FuelBuddy also provides the option for scheduling your deliveries for a later date and time. to enhance operational efficiency.

FuelBuddy understands the need of its clients and extends complete support to help clients to save cost and improve efficiency.

Using FuelBuddy’s doorstep delivery services, clients can now choose to order as much fuel as they would require on a daily basis rather than having to stock up for days and months in advance. Not only would this require clients to block their working capital but also have a requirement for a Petroleum Explosive Safety Organization (P.E.S.O) approved storage tank in place. FuelBuddy’s no minimum order quantity policy substantially helps clients bring down the effective purchase cost of fuel.

FuelBuddy takes pride in being a fuel-tech company – It uses its technology to ensure clients get exactly how much they ordered and what they ordered. Not a litre less, not a litre mixed!
FuelBuddy’s state of the art bowsers are fully equipped with technology to make sure all stages of the supply chain are covered, eliminating the possibility of pilferage and adulteration.
FuelBuddy’s multiple checks system ensures fuel is dispensed only at the client premises and into the authorized asset.

Fuelbuddy adheres to the highest standards of safety.

FuelBuddy bowsers are designed keeping safety as its highest priority and are Petroleum Explosive and Safety Organization (P.E.S.O) approved. Our drivers and attendants are Hazmat and Fire Safety trained and one of the most vetted in the industry. Fuelbuddy is the first company in India to use international standard spill and absorbent pads at the time of dispensing. Every bowser comes fitted with fire extinguishers, spill kits and emergency cut-offs.