About us


FuelBuddy is a consumer brand of Treis Solutions LLP, An innovative company in developing refueling needs of the industry and common people with dedication to address the problems of safety, adulteration and pilferage in fuel handling.

Company was founded by a team of highly inspired young technocrats with 50+ years of cumulative experience in companies like Shell, Infosys, P&G, Oracle, E&Y etc. Company is head quartered in Delhi.


FuelBuddy has been leading the charge in doorstep fuel delivery since its inception. Our mobile refueling services are designed to save businesses time and money. By partnering with us, businesses can reduce machinery downtime and eliminate the risks associated with storing, handling and tracking fuel supplies on site.

We maintain a fleet of specialized Refuellers that are ideal for accessing sites with limited space and difficult terrain. We can get to sites where big truck can’t, especially those accessed via roads and bridges with restricted weights.

From as low as 20 litres, we supply diesel directly to everyone from schools, hospitals, apartments and commercial setups running Diesel generators to fleets & cars .

We believe extraordinary service leads to extraordinary results. While we take care of your fuel needs, you can concentrate on your business.


We promise fuel where you need it, when you need it … with personalized solutions that tick all the boxes to improve the productivity, convenience, control, reliability, safety and savings on your fuel management.

We care for and value our customers from a diverse range of industries.

We are dedicated to the health and safety of people, the environment and the quality of the process … and we deliver productivity, savings and convenience.