Global Oil Prices (May 2020)

Global oil prices are on a slippery slope Unfortunately, with coronavirus taking center stage the demand for oil isn’t as high as it used to be This has led to surplus oil which would rapidly exceed the storage capacity, hence making the oil price go negative To cater with the unforeseen... more

Diminishing Petrol Pumps of India

Picture yourself as a landowner of a prime real estate spot in a metropolitan city of India Your lease with an Oil Marketing Company is coming to an end, you have done well by leasing your land to OMC’s over the years But now there are many other options available to you What was believed to... more

Convenience of Fuel Delivery

In today’s day and age of technology when everything from A to Z (literally Amazon’s logo) can be delivered to your home, to the convenience of your doorstep through the simple ease of sitting on your couch, pulling out your smart phone and pressing a few buttons, the question which dawned upon... more

Importance of Fuel Technology

In order to reduce the dependency on import of petroleum, the petroleum scarce countries look forward to developing technologies which can optimize fuel consumption Development of petroleum fuel optimization technologies is especially relevant in the current environment of national security-related... more