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When & Where

Tell us your time and place, and we will come to fuel you up. If you are ordering with us for the first time, our executives will do a quick site visit within 24hrs before we start delivering to you. This helps us ensure you get quick and reliable service each and every time.

Place Order

Place and confirm your order. Pick your time
or ask for express service. Its that simple.

Get Refuelled

Wait for us to arrive and get refuelled.
We'll Bring the Fuel and More.

Fuel when and where you want it

Same Price as the Pump

FuelBuddy offers fuel at the same price as your Regular Petrol Pump.

At your convenience

Get FuelBuddy when you want,
We are not just delivering fuel,
but also free time.


FuelBuddy sources fuel directly from the omc depot. We also empty our tanks regularly, so you know you will get the cleanest and best possible fuel.

Safe and Secure

Fuelbuddy adheres to all required
government rules & regulations.
Our drivers are Hazmat trained and have commercial licenses
We treat your asset like our own.


All our dispensing units are weights
and measures certified,
so you know that you received exactly
the volume you purchased.

Central Billing

Central billing with no more
paper receipts or
misplaced fuel cards.

Transparency and Prompt Service

Real time monitoring of fuel
No human intervention
This ensures you get clean fuel each and every time.

FuelBuddy is not just about fuel, it is also about convenience.

FuelBuddy provides every user a dashboard
on our app and website through which
they receive multiple benefits.

Order Tracking

Single window access to track not just multiple orders, but also completed orders and open orders.

Centralized Admin

All assets will be listed on
one platform, making it easy and time saving for central admin to monitor consumption.

Customized Stats

Customized report generation
on consumption and orders.

The dashboard is capable of listing multiple
assets for the same user.

All asset details on one platform.

Detailed reports

Consolidated detail reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis reducing admin cost.

Monitor consumption

Monitoring of exactly how many times an asset has been refueled.

Eliminate overbilling

Elimination of possibility of overbilling as everything can be monitored through our app.


How safe are we, you ask?

Well, we are the first legal on demand
fuel delivery company in India.
We follow stringent safety standards,
and have all necessary government approvals.


The app is free. Download it from the App Store or Google Play Store by searching for "FuelBuddy-fuel delivery".
FuelBuddy provides the fuel at the same price as petrol pump. We charge a small convenience fee for the service.
FuelBuddy has a robust R&D department which has developed a safe, technology rich and one-of-a-kind mobile refuelling vehicle.
Use any credit, debit card or mobile wallets within the app to pay for your fuel. You can securely save your payment information on the app to avoid retyping your info for each order, making scheduling a delivery easy and convenient.
We keep you informed throughout the fuelling process via multiple platforms, and as soon as we are done fuelling your asset you will receive a receipt via email, text or push notifications. Choose any or all options.
FuelBuddy is Weights and Measures certified. Our technology features enable us to auto shut the nozzle when your requested fuel is filled or your tank has reached full capacity, also our app-based receipt system shows proof of delivery without human interaction. In addition if you like you may contact us anytime at and request additional information regarding your specific delivery.
Currently we service from 6am – 8pm. We are launching a 24/7 service soon.
FuelBuddy has a minimum order of 50 litres for your assets. We also have special corporate programs available. Get in touch to know more!
FuelBuddy purchases its fuel directly from the Oil Marketing Companies.
Absolutely, safety is our top most priority and we make sure to communicate that to everyone here at FuelBuddy. FuelBuddy’s drivers are commercially licensed and hazmat-trained. Even the people at our office have undergone dangerous goods awareness training and fire safety training. Our certified trucks are equipped with fire extinguishers, spill containment kits, sand buckets and other features to ensure your safety.
Fuelbuddy is currently servicing the NCR region. We will be expanding our operations across India very soon.
No, there is no cancellation charge on your FuelBuddy order as long as our refueller has not been dispatched to you.
Unlike most on-demand delivery companies, all our drivers are full time employees who have been hired according to our very strict recruitment policies. All of our drivers are trained and Hazmat certified to transport and deliver fuel to our clients.
We only charge you what we dispense-nothing more. Thanks to our dispensing and metering unit, we cannot over charge you or over-fill your asset. Our dispensing unit acts the same way as a fuel station pump and has an automatic shut off valve which cannot dispense more than what you ordered or more than your assets capacity.
For every delivery we complete, we offset carbon emissions. How? When our customers choose to skip a round trip to the petrol pump to purchase fuel for their assets, they reduce the number of KMs they are on the road. When we choose to purchase our fuel directly from the Oil Marketing Companies and forgo storage in dirty underground tanks, we keep fuel out of the ground and water table.

FuelBuddy is a revolutionary idea. It’s an app that ensures
you don’t have to go to a petrol pump, instead
it brings the fuel to you. That too, better quality fuel than
you’re used to.
When it comes to your fuel needs, we’ve got your back.

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